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Video tapes of the Stooges are a wonderful way to enjoy their slapstick antics whenever it is convenient for you. Many, many tapes featuring the Stooges have been released over the years, mostly by Columbia Pictures, or their subsidearies. In the past few years, Columbia has been busy releasing lots of videos - many containing new shorts never before available. Let's hope they continue to release these tapes until all 190 shorts are out.

Columbia Pictures Original Series - 1982 to 1985

Volume I (1982)
	"Dizzy Pilots"
	"A Bird in the Head"
	"Three Sappy People"

Volume II (1982)
	"Uncivil Warriors"
	"Three Missing Links"
	"Micro Phonies"

Volume III (1982)
	"An Ache in Every Stake"
	"Calling All Cures"
	"Pop Goes the Easel"

Volume IV (1982)
	"Woman Haters"
	"Three Little Bears"
	"Tassels in the Air"

Volume V (1982)
	"Pardon My Scotch"
	"Disorder in the Court"
	"Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb"

Volume VI (1983)
	"Violent is the Word for Curly"
	"Punch Drunks"
	"A Plumbing We Will Go"

Volume VII (1983)
	"Dutiful but Dumb"
	"Movie Maniacs"
	"Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise"
Volume VIII (1984)
	"Cash and Carry"
	"No Census, No Feeling"
	"Some More of Samoa"

Volume IX (1984)
	"We Want Our Mummy"
	"Restless Knights"
	"Yes, We Have No Bonanza"

Volume X (1984)
	"Spook Louder"
	"Men in Black"
	"If a Body Meets a Body"

Volume XI (1985)
	"Boobs in Arms"
	"What's the Matador"
	"Mutts to You"

Volume XII (1985)
	"Loco Boy Makes Good"
	"Saved by the Belle"

Volume XIII (1985)
	"Three Little Pigskins"
	"Dizzy Detectives"

Columbia Pictures Three Star Series - 1988 to 1990

Volume 14 (1988)
	"Three Little Twirps"
	"Restless Knights"

Volume 15 (1988)
	"Ants in the Pantry"
	"A Plumbing We Will Go"
	"Dutiful but Dumb"

Volume 16 (1988)
	"A Ducking They Did Go"
	"Calling All Cures"
	"Mutts to You"

Volume 17 (1988)
	"In the Swee Pie and Pie"
	"Healty, Wealthy, and Dumb"
	"If a Body Meets a Body"

Volume 18 

Volume 19 

Volume 20 (1989)
	"You Natzy Spy"
	"I'll Never Heil Again"
	"They Stooge to Conga"

Volume 21 (1989)
	"Cookoo Cavaliers"
	"Booby Dupes"
	"Bussy Buddies"

Volume 22 (1989)
	"Crash Goes the Hash"
	"From Nurse to Worse"
	"G.I. Wanna Home"

Volume 23 (1989)
	"Half-Wits Holiday"
	"Horse Collars"
	"How High is Up"

Volume 24 (1989)
	"I Can Hardly Wait"
	"Idiots Deluxe"
	"Idle Roomers"

Volume 25 (1989)
	"Sitter Downers"
	"Nutty Butt Nice"
	"Slippery Silks"

Volume 26 (1990)
	"Fright Night"
	"Hold That Lion"
	"Who Done It"

Volume 27 (1990)
	"Three Little Pirates"
	"Back to the Woods"
	"Uncivil Warbirds"

Volume 28 (1990)
	"The Hot Seats"
	"Fuelin Around"

Volume 29 (1990)
	"Three Smart Saps"
	"Beer Barrel Polecats"
	"Monkey Businessmen"

Volume 30 (1990)
	"Studio Stoops"
	"Crime on Their Hands"
	"Shivering Sherlocks"

Volume 31 (1990)
	"Grips, Grunts, and Groans"
	"All The Worlds a Stooge"
	"3 Dumb Clucks"

Columbia Picture New Series - 1993 & 1996

There are no Volume number printed on these tapes, but rather they use the title of one of the episodes to identify each uniquely. So the first title (in bold) is the tape name. The titles of the other two shorts that appear on the tape are listed below the main title. Many of these tapes are re-issues of earlier releases. In these cases, I've identified them as "Re-Issues", and have listed their original volume numbers. Otherwise, tapes that feature short subjects not previsously availalbe on video are identified as "New".

"A Bird in the Head"- Volume 1 (New) (1993)
"Dizzy Pilots"
"Three Sappy People"

"Micro-Phonies" - Volume 2 (New) (1993)
"Uncival Warriors"
"Three Missing Links"

"An Ache in Every Stake" - Volume 3 (New) (1993)
"Calling All Curs"
"Pop Goes the Easel"

"Woman Haters" - Volume 4 (New) (1993)
"Three Little Beers"
"Tassels in the Air"

"Health, Wealthy and Dumb" - Volume 5 (New) (1993)
"Disorder in the Court"
"Pardon my Scotch"

"A Plumbing We Will Go" - Volume 6 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Violent is the Word for Curly"
"Punch Drunks"

"Dutiful But Dumb" - Volume 7 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Movie Maniacs"
"Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise"

"Cash and Carry" - Volume 8 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"No Census, No Feeling"
"Some More of Samoa"

"Yes, We Have No Bonanza" - Volume 9 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"We Want Our Mummy"
"Restless Nights"

"If a Body Meets a Body" - Volume 10 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Spook Louder"
"Men in Black"

"What's The Matador?" - Volume 11 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Boobs in Arms"
"Mutts to You"

"Loco Boy Makes Good" - Volume 12 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Saved By The Belle"

"Three Little Pigskins" - Volume 13 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Dizzy Detectives"
"Sock-A-Bye Baby"

"You Natzy Spy" - Volume 20 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"I'll Never Hail Again"
"They Stooge to Conga"

"Cookoo Cavaliers" - Volume 21 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Booby Dupes"
"Busy Buddies"

"Crash Goes the Hash" - Volume 22 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"From Nurse to Worse"
"G.I. Wanna go Home"

"How High is Up?" - Volume 23 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Half Wit Holiday"
"Houres' Collars"

"Idiots De Luxe" - Volume 24 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"I Can Hardly Wait"
"Idle Roomers"

"Nutty But Nice" - Volume 25 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"The Sitter Downers"
"Slippery Silks"

"Who Done It?" - Volume 26 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Fright Night"
"Hold That Lion"

"Three Little Pirates" - Volume 27 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Back to the Woods"
"Uncivil Warbirds"

"Hot Scots" - Volume 28 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Fuelin' Around"
"Hula La-La"

"Monkey Businessmen" - Volume 29 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Beer Barrel Polecats"
"Three Smart Saps"

"Studio Stoops" - Volume 30 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"A Crime On Their Hands"
"Shivering Sherlocks"

"All The Worlds a Stooge" - Volume 31 (Re-Issue) (1993)
"Grips, Grunts and Groans"
"3 Dumb Clucks"

"Three Arabian Nuts" - Volume 32 (New) (1993)
"Sing a Song of Six Pants"
"All Gummed Up"

"Rhythm and Weep" - Volume 33 (New) (1993)
"Back From the Front"
"The Three Troubledoers"

"Gents in a Jam" - Volume 34 (New) (1993)
"A Snitch in Time"
"Goof on the Roof"

"The Yoke's On Me" - Volume 35 (New) (1993)
"No Dough Boys"
"Higher Than a Kite"

"I'm a Monkey's Uncle" - Volume 36 (New) (1993)
"Mummies Dummies"
"Squareheads of the Round Table"

"So Long Mr. Chumps" - Volume 37 (New) (1993)
"Three Loan Wolves"
"Even as IOU"

"A Ducking They Did Go" - Volume 38 (New) (1993)
"Ants in the Pantry"
"Three Little Twirps"

"In the Sweet Pie and Pie" - Volume 39 (New) (1993)
"Phony Express"
"Playing The Ponies"

"Hoi Polloi" - Volume 40 (New) (1996)
"A Gem of a Jam"
"Half Shot Shooters"

"False Alarms" - Volume 41 (New) (1996)
"Three Pests in a Mess"
"Flat Foot Stooges"

"Dizzy Doctors" - Volume 42 (New) (1996)
"Goofs and Saddles"
"Thre Little Sew and Sews"

"Out West" - Volume 43 (New) (1996)
"Punchy Cowpunchers"
"Merry Mavericks"

"Dopey Dicks" - Volume 44 (New) (1996)
"Scrambled Brains"
"The Tooth Will Out"

"Listen, Judge" - Volume 45 (New) (1996)
"Bubble Trouble"
"Dunked in Deep"

Columbia Pictures Feature Film Series - 1995

	"The Three Stooges Stoop! Look! and Laugh!"
	"The Three Stooges The Outlaws IS Coming"
	"The Three Stooges In Orbit"
	"The Three Stooges in Have Rocket Will Travel"
	"The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze"
	"The Three Stooges Meet Hercules"

Other misceleneous Videos

1983	"The Making of the Stooges", Operater 13 Productions, Karl Home Video
1985	"Snow White and the Three Stooges", CBS/Fox, PlayHouse Video
1986	"The Stoogephile Trivia Movie", Operator 13 Productions, MPI Home Video
1987	"The Three Stooges Festival",MovieTime Inc. Archives,GoodTimes Home Video
1987	"Fun With The Stooges", TV Treasures, Video Cassette Sales(ISBN 1-55529-176-7)
		Curly with Ted Healy
		"Malice in the Palace"
		The Stooges live with Ed Wynn
		The New Three Stooges Cartoon
1990	"The Lost Stooges", Turner Home Entertainment
1990	"The Three Stooges 60th Anniversary Special", Passport Int, Amvest Video
1995	"The Three Stooges - A&E Biography",Laughsmith Entertainment, Inc, A&E Home Video
1995	"The Three Stooges - Jerks of All Trades",GoodTimes Home Video

Videos featuring Cartoon Classics

1984	"The New Three Stooges Vol 1",Embassy Home Entertainment
		Little Old Bombmaker
		Woodsman Bear That Tree
		Let's Shoot the Piano Player
		Dentist the Menace

1987	"Cartoon Favorites - 3 Stooges",Trans-Atlantic Video
		Lastest Gun in the West
		Mummies Boys
		Dindo Poodi
		Noisy Silent Movies

1987    "Cartoon Favorites - 3 Stooges",Trans-Atlantic Video
		Ganster Dragster
		Get That Snack Shack Off the Track
		Flycycle Built For Two
		Aloha Ha Ha

1989	"The Three Stooges", Burbank Video
		Hairbrained Barbers
		The Littlest Martian
		Mummies Boys
		The Noisy Silent Movie

1989	"The Three Stooges", Burban, Video
		Flat Heads
		Gagster Dragster
		Get That Snack Shack off the Track
		Latest Gun In The West

1989	"Three Stooges", Amvest Video - Kid Pics
		Toys Will be Toys
		Plumber's Friend
		Mummy's Boys
		How The West Was Once
		Little Old Bombmaker
		Woodsman Bear That Tree
		Let's Shoot the Piano Player
		Dentist the Menace

The New Three Stooges  (1965) (Information courtesy of

     Live action cast:   Moe Howard    Larry Fine   Joe DeRita   Emil Sitka
     Animation cast:   Moe Howard    Larry Fine   Joe DeRita   Hal Smith   Chuck McCann    Peggy Lynch

          Volume  1    1    That Little Old Bomb Maker  (Soldiers)   Bill Brauer   Paul Frees
        (Laser Disc)   2    Woodsman Bear That Tree  (Lost)
                                3   Let’s Shoot the Player Piano Player  (Campers)
                               4   Dentist the Menace  (Bakers)
          Volume  2    5    Safari So Good  (Orangutan)
        (Laser Disc)   6    Thimk or Thwim  (Flat Tire)
                                7   There Auto Be a Law  (Fan Belt)
                                8   That Old Shell Game  (Fishermen)
          Volume  3    9    Hold That Line  (Dentists)
                              10   A Flycycle Built for Two  (Janitors)
                              11   Dizzy Doodlers  (Artists)
                              12   The Classical Clinker  (Decorators)
          Volume  4  13   Movie Scars  (Golfers)
                              14   A Bull for Adamo  (Hunters)
                              15   The Tree Nuts  (Weighing In)
                              16   The Horn Dude  (Telegram)
          Volume  5  17   Thru Rain, Sleet and Snow  (Sunken Treasure)
                              18   Goldriggers of ’49  (Outdoor Breakfast)
                              19   Ready, Jet Set, Go  (Setting Up Camp)
                              20   Behind the 8 Ball Express  (Rare Bird)
          Volume  6  21   Stop Dragon Around  (Caretakers)
                              22   To Kill a Clockingbird  (Golfers)
                              23   Who’s Lion  (Flat Tire)
                              24   Fowl Weather Friend  (Janitors)
          Volume  7  25   Wash My Line  (Seasick Joe)
                              26   Little Cheese Chaser  (Fan Belt)
                              27   The Big Windbag  (Weighing In)
                              28   Baby Sitters   (Magicians)
          Nutty Nature Lovers
                              39   Watt’s My Lion  (Athletes)
                              42   The Yolks on You  (Artists)
                              55   Queen Quong   (Lost)
                              56   Campsite Fright  (Sunken Treasure)
                              60   It’s a Small World  (Piemakers)
                              71   Aloha Ha Ha   (Hunters)
                              94   Land Ho, Ho, Ho  (Seasick Joe)
                            100   Call of the Wile  (Setting Up Camp)
                              35   A Little Past Noon  (Sunbathers)
          Get That Job!
                              31   That Was the Wreck That Was  (Barbers)
                              38   Who’s for Dessert?  (Waiters)
                              41   Suture Self   (Doctors)
                              44   The 1st in Lion  (Artists)
                              50   Mel’s Angels  (Sharpshooter)
                              52   That Dirty Bird  (Rare Bird)
                              63   The Noisy Silent Movie  (Pilots)
                              66   Phony Express  (Prospectors)
                              45   The Transylvania Railroad  (Shipmates)
          Mild and Wild Animals
                              43   Tally Moe with Larry and Joe  (Inheritance)
                              46   What’s Mew Pussycat?  (High Voltage)
                              58   The Lyin’ Tamer  (Golfers)
                              77   Feud for Thought  (Electricians)
                              80   Up a Tree   (Campers)
                              91   Follo the White Lion  (Orangutan)
                              92   One Good Burn Deserves Another  (Fisherman)
                              98   None but the Brave  (Prospectors)
                              36   Hair of the Bear  (Doctors)
          Funny Fairy Tales
                              30   Three Jacks and a Beanstalk  (Salesmen)
                              33   Peter Panic   (Sweepstakes Ticket)
                              34   When You Wish Upon a Fish  (Janitors)
                              37   3 Lumps and a Lamp  (Buried Treasure)
                              57   Goldibear and the 3 Stooges  (High Voltage)
                            113   Curly in Wonderland  (Weighing In)
                            114   Boobs in the Woods  (Caretakers)
                            118   Three Wizards of Odds  (Magicians)
                            137   Little Red Riding Wolf  (Artists)
          Up, Up and Away
                              32   The Three Astronutz  (Inheritance)
                              49   Hot Shots   (Janitors)
                              54   Smoke Gets in Your Skies  (Piemakers)
                              62   Focus in Space  (Buried Treasure)
                              67   Best Test Pilots  (Pilots)
                            117   Out of Space   (Seasick Joe)
                            128   The Mountain Ear  (Dentists)
                            141   Just Plane Crazy  (High Voltage)
                            143   Droll Weevil   (Caretakers)
          Cohorts in Sports
                              65   Table Tennis Tussle  (Athletes)
                              86   Tee for Three  (Bakers)
                            101   Snowbrawl   (Caretakers)
                            104   Squawk Valley  (Weighing In)
                            108   Under the Bad Bad Tree  (Inheritance)
                            111   Souperman   (Pilots)
                            127   Bowling Pinheads  (Sharpshooter)
                            123   Muscle on the Mind  (Artists)
                            140   Gagster Dragster  (Fan Belt)
          Bear Necessities
                              51   Bee My Honey   (Barbers)
                              68   Litter Bear   (Hunters)
                              81   Turnabout Is Bearplay  (Magicians)
                              88   Bearfoot Fisherman  (High Voltage)
                              93   Curly’s Bear  (Turkey Stuffers)
                              97   Bearfoot Bandit  (Flat Tire)
                            125   Furry Fugitive  (Golfers)
                            135   The Bear Who Came in Out of the Cold  (Artists)
                            146   No Money, No Honey  (Outdoor Breakfast)
          Once Upon a Time
                              29   Clarence of Arabia  (Electricians)
                              53   Stone Age Stooges  (Orangutan)
                              72   The Rise and Fall of the Roman Umpire  (Piemakers)
                              75   Larry and the Pirates  (Shipmates)
                              78   Bat and Brawl  (Bakers)
                              79   Knight Without End  (Telegram)
                              99   Three Good Knights  (Janitors)
                            129   Norse West Passage  (Sunken Treasure)
                            132   First Glass Service  (Flat Tire)
          The Weird, Wacky West
                              64   Get Out of Town by Sundown Brown  (Salesmen)
                              82   Pow Wow Row   (Lost)
                            103   There’s No Mule Like an Old Mule  (Fan Belt)
                            116   The Mad Mail Mission  (Janitors)
                            119   Three for the Road  (Telegram)
                            120   Feudin’, Fuss’n Hillbully  (Rare Bird)
                            121   Don’t Misbehave Indian Brave  (Campers)
                            126   How the West Was Once  (Prospectors)
                            130   Lastest Gun in the West  (Dentists)
          Cops ’n Robbers
                              47   It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World  (Pilots)
                              59   The Pen Game   (Sharpshooter)
                              74   Cotton Pickin’ Chicken  (Sweepstakes Ticket)
                              83   Flat Heads   (Sunbathers)
                              85   Bully for You, Curly  (Turkey Stuffers)
                            131   Toys Will Be Toys  (Outdoor Breakfast)
                            134   L� Stoogenaires  (Athletes)
                            149   The Men from UCLA  (Magicians)
                            153   The Chicken Delivery Boys  (Decorators)
          Merry Money Makers
                              70   The Unhaunted House  (Sunbathers)
                              73   Deadbeat Street  (Dentists)
                              89   Washout Below  (Waiters)
                              90   The Three Marketeers  (Decorators)
                            106   The Plumber’s Friend  (Electricians)
                            107   Rub-a-Dub-Tub  (Fishermen)
                            110   Waiter Minute  (Pilots)
                            115   The Chimney Sweeps  (Turkey Stuffers)
                            124   Badmen in the Briny  (Shipmates)
          That’s Showbiz!
                              84   No News Is Good News  (High Voltage)
                              96   7 Faces of Timbear  (Melodrama)
                            109   Hairbrained Barbers  (Barbers)
                            112   Abominable Showman  (Rare Bird)
                            122   You Ain’t Lion  (Orangutan)
                           133   Strictly for the Birds  (Telegram)
                            142   From Bad to Verse  (Campers)
                            144   The Littlest Martian  (Dentists)
                            145   The Bear Showoff  (Setting Up Camp)
          Work, Work, Work!
                              76   Tree Is a Crowd  (Outdoor Breakfast)
                            138   Bell Hop Flops  (Waiters)
                            139   Dig That Gopher  (Piemakers)
                            147   Get That Snack Shack Off the Track  (Buried Treasure)
                            151   Kangaroo Catchers  (Electricians)
                            152   No Smoking Aloud  (Shipmates)
                            154   ’Sno Ball  (Sunken Treasure)
                            155   Rug-a-Bye, Baby  (Doctors)
                            156   Dinopoodi   (Turkey Stuffers)
          Away We Go!
                              40   Which Is Witch?  (Buried Treasure)
                              48   Bridge on the River Cry  (Decorators)
                              61   Late for Launch  (Doctors)
                              87   Goofy Gondoliers  (Fishermen)
                              95   Surfs You Right  (Sharpshooter)
                            105   Mummies Boys   (Sunken Treasure)
                              69   A Fishy Tale   (Turkey Stuffers)
                            136   The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Hit  (Salesmen)
                            102   Rob N. Good   (Shipmates)
                            148   Curly’s Birthday-a-Go-Go  (Bakers)

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