The Three Stooges - Collectible Sources

 I'm often asked "Where can I go to purchase Stooges stuff?". Well, listed below are a number of commercial sources. But don't forget the perhaps not so obvious - yard sales, flea markets, local antique and toy shows, etc. All of these are potential sources for wonderful Stooges treasures.

Internet-Enabled Resources


ebaylogo.gif (1044 bytes)Your #1 on-line source for old (and new) Stooges memorabilia is the ultimate Internet auction site "Ebay".  Just click on the logo to see hundreds of Stooges items currently available on auction. 


Comedy III's official Stooges Store - Soitenly Stooges.  Give them a visit!




For you Canadian Club members (or anyone for that matter), your Stooge source is the "Nyuk Nyuk Shoppe" Their $1.00 catalog is available from:

The Nyuk Nyuk Shoppe
C/O Ed Warick Dept TSCS
437 Lake St
Sault Ste. Marie
 Ontario, Canada


Internet-Deprived Resources

The 1996 Spring "World of Stooges" catalog is available now for $2.00 from:

World of Stooges
C/O Joanne & Tommy PelCzar
P.O. Box 1345
Plaistow, NH  03865
(603) 382-1592 

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