The Three Stooges - Signatures

Personal items have always been one of the most sought after collectible. There are several different ways to obtain signatures of the Stooges. This might include an autographed picture, or other such collectible. This collection focuses on cancelled checks as a means of obtaining the signature of one of the Stooges.

Here is a canceled check from Shemp Howard. The check was writen in 1954, is made out to "Fashion Shades and Venetion Blinds", and is in the amount of $13.46. Shemp must have been decorating his house with this one.

This Moe Howard check was writen on Jan 13, 1975, and was made out to Safeway for $20.00. I guess a Stooge has got to eat!

Joe DeRITA used a typewriter to make out all his checks. This one was dated May 2, 1969, and made out to "Universal Star Market" for $7.75. Food seemed to be a common theme for the Stooges.

Though not officially a Stooge himself, Norman Maurer played a major role in the history of the Stooges. Here is his cancelled check written out to Martha Maurer (sister?) on Nov 21, 1981 for $375.00.


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