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Few people realize that the Stooges also had a fairly extensive record making career. They produced several records, both 45's and LP's, over the years, and were actually reasonably accomplished singers (for Stooges that is).

See the Record-Ography for a comprehensive list of collectible records.

Perhaps the most sought after record album by the Three Stooges is this one - The Original Sound Track Recording to the movie Snow White And The Three Stooges. According to record collectors guides, this album is relatively scarce, and considered fairly valuable.

What Christmas celebration would be complete without the festive sounds of traditional holiday favorites sung by the Stooges. These two records feature such yuletide favorites as "Wreck the Halls with Boughs of Holly", and "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". The 45 RPM at left was produced by Golden Record in 1960. The one at right is a "3 on 1" record, featuring 3 golden records on a single disk. It was produced in 1959.

In 1983, Rhino Records Inc. release "Christmas Time With The Three Stooges", a collection of their all-time Christmas hits. Included on this LP were "Jingle Bells Drag", "Down Through the Housetop", and "I Gotta Cold for Christmas". Also in 1983, Rhino produce another LP album featuring many Stooge favorites including "Sing Along With Moe", Three Chipped Monks", and "The Concert". This was a picture disk album, featuring a nice picture of Moe, Larry and Curly Joe imbedded in the album.

In what has been touted as a unique marketing adventure, the Three Stooges recorded this birthday record in 238 different versions - one for each unique named child. So, you could purchase a 45-sized, 33 1/3-play record of the Three Stooges singing "Happy Birthday to You", personalized with your name. Sales were reported to be very slow, and with so many versions produced, stocking all of them was problematic. Production stopped soon thereafter.

This is the 1984 MCA Records re-issue of the 1959 original Nonsense Songbook. It contains many children's songs and stories. It is a popular Stooge collectible because it also features "The Alphabet Song", an adaptation of the "Swingin The Alphabet" song from the 1938 classic Stooge short "Violent is the Word for Curly".

Peter Pan records produced a series of Stooges story records - "The Three Stooges Meet Cinderella" featured here. These seven inch mini-LP's are adaptations of children's stories, as told by the Stooges.

In 1973, Peter Pan records released "The Three Stooges and Six Funny Bone Stories" album. It featured many short stories released earlier (on 45 singles, and on "In Storyland"). This album contains the stories of the Three Stooges and The Time Rocket, Meet Cinderella, Meet The Ugly Duckling, The Magic Lamp, The Princess and the Pea, and The Crash.

Though none of their originally produced records ever made it to the top of anything, history would somehow vindicate that the Stooges belonged there. That would be the case in 1984 when a song penned by Peter Quinn, and performed by the "Jump 'n the Saddle Band" hit the number 1 spot in Chicago, and the top 15 on Billboards national ranking. That would be none other than the "Curly Shuffle". At left is the original recording produced at Acme studios. It would be later when radio air-play launched this song to the top of the charts, that Atlantic Studios picked up the contract, and re-released the record (pictured at right).


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