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Provided below for your reading pleasure is various information about the creation of this showcase. How it was created, what tools were used, and such stuff like that.

Throughout these pages, trademarked and copyright names and images are used. They are done so in an editorial manner only, and to the benefit of the trademark or copyright owner, with absolutely no intention of infringement.

I have upwards of 1,000 pieces in my collection. I have been scanning and building these pages since early January 1996. I will continue to develop additional topic pages (movie posters, buttons, videos, etc) as time permits. This is an ambitious project, but one in which I am having a lot of fun with. So, bookmark this place and visit once in a while. You will likely find something new whenever you visit. For quick reference, the date on the main page will be updated as new information is added.

To lear more about how this WWW site has evolved, read about the what's, how's and when's of this site being built. You can find all that information Here.



Most of the images found throughout this showcase are of items from my private collection. I used a JVC VHS-C camcorder, attached to a Snappy video capture system. Quite a nice setup, and as you can see from most of the images, produced very good quality graphics.

This site was built, and is being maintained with Microsoft FrontPage. If you don't have it, you gotta get it!


Here's a picture of one of my prize possessions - my Honda Del Sol (notice the vanity plates ...). I had this picture taken at the 1993 Three Stooges Convention in Trevose, PA. Pictured here are David Knight (the man who would be Curly), George Likar (a moderately convincing Larry clone), and the Reverend Ken Heath (a Maryland Baptist minister, and part time Moe).

If you care to comment on the contents of these pages, or would like to feature a piece of memorabilia not already here, please drop me a note.


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