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For all of those "other" collectibles and memorabilia, this page was created. Below you will find those one-of-a-kind items that could not otherwise be categorized into one of the other groups found on this web. However, they are all significant collectibles in their own right, and deserving of a spot on this Collectors Showcase.

This magnet was handmade in Seattle by Morris Magnets. It measures approximately 6" wide, by 3.5" high. It's a picture embedded in 1/4" of lucite, with a full magnet on the back. It's a nice piece.

Manufactured in 1986 by the Holes-Webway company of St. Cloud, MI, this 4x6 memo board is designed for write-on, wipe-off messaging - with a Stooges kinda flare.

This series of four keychains were produced by the "Button-Up" company of Troy, Michigan. They were made in 1985. They have a snap out metal key holder, and feature these four images of the Stooges - on both front and back of the keychain.

This is an Air Freshener - you know the kind you hang from your rear view mirror in the car. It was produced in 1990 by the Merlenn corp., and is part of their Hollywood Legends series. They measure approximately 3" by 5", and have the standard "Pine" car freshener scent. The design, classic and nostalgic, will freshen your memories while the fragrance will freshen the air.

Produced in 1980 (in Taiwan), these are "Three Dimensional" Three Stooges Stickers. There are 24 unique stickers in all - packaged in six short packs, or three long packs. The images feature Moe, Larry, and Curly as the third Stooge. There are 18 solo stickers of the boys, and 6 with the three of them together. They are very colorful, and the artwork is quite comical.

For those who like to "Flick Their Bic", this is the perfect collectible. This Bic lighter has images of Moe, Larry and Curly on the side. Not sure when it was produced, but it was purchased in 1991, so it would have to have been produced sometime earlier (late 80's perhaps).

This one wasn't exactly produced by the United States Government, but then again, there are a few stooges in that organization after all! Anyway, some creative soul overlayed the original picture of this $1.00 bill with that of the Stooges. A reasonably good job, but I wouldn't try to spend this buck.

While on the subject of money, the Beverly Hills Mint produced these "Funny Money" notepads, with Larry, Moe, and Curly on the faces of a $20, $50, and $100 bills. This was produced in 1987.


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