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Well, the Stooges have made it into the 1990's, complete with all the available technology. A few recent entries into the Stooges collectibles category have been these hightech computer and telephony products.

Collectible calling cards are all the rage these days, and these two entries by AmeriVox are prime examples. Calling cards allow you to pre-purchase long distance services in the form of a debit card, at a supposed to be cheap rate. To make the cards more desirable, various companies have put celebrity images onto them to attract the collectibles crowd (like me). These two cards were produced within the past couple of years and are still readily available to collectors.

In 1995, Questar produced this desktop entertainment software titled "Comedy Classics". This Win95 CD comes complete with screen savers, animated cursors, and a library of pictures, audio, and video files. Includes many all-time comedy greats such as Abbot & Costello, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel & Hardey, and of course The Three Stooges. See the Questar Home Page for more info on this product.

With the advent of full motion video on the desktop PC, along with the storage capacity of the CDROM, it was a natural fit that vintage video would soon be delivered onto this medium. Well, it has arrived! Chestnut was the first to deliver the Stooges onto CDROM with their "Three Stooges" CD produced in 1994. This CD contains the full motion video of three Stooges shorts ("Brideless Groom", "Malice in the Palace", and "Disorder in the Court"). So for those of you with MPC-1 compliant computers, this product is for you.

The second series of computer CD's to be produce were from the PuzzleToon's series from Hollywood Select Video. They produced two volumes on two separate CD's in 1994. These CD's contain live action video from the "New Three Stooges" cartoon series (only the live portions, and not the cartoon part) featuring Moe, Larry and Joe DeRita. These are somewhat more complex to play on the PC, as they require full hardware MPEG capability in order to play. Hollywood Select also produces and distributes two VHS Videos with the same contents as these CD Rom's.


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