The Three Stooges - Ral Partha Miniature

Upon doing some research about the history of this particular piece, I received the following E-Mail from a representative of the manufacturer:

Letter Received from:	Mr. Jack Hesselbrock
			Ral Partha Enterprises
			5938 Carthage Court
			Cincinnati, OH 

Mon, 19 Feb 1996

Dear Mr. Laliberte,

Thank you for your letter.  We issued the three headed troll a decade ago 
(my best guess) or earlier (maybe).  The heads apparently had some likeness
to the Stooges.  Sometimes, our sculptors take artistic license by doing 
what they think is funny or an inside joke.  For instance, they once put our
biggest competitor's face as the head of a serpent.  Once, they put my
likeness as the head of a Corporate Dragon; cause I'm the boss.  I do not
know any sources for finding more of these figures.  Most distributors
returned these pieces when we discontinued them and they were melted into
the pot.  Actually, the whole episode with these type pieces leaves me 
puzzled.  As soon as I find out the pranks are taking place, pieces are
immediately discontinued.  Thank god it hasn't happenned for awhile.

You wondered what these pieces are worth if you could come up with one of
them?  I really don't recall the retail price but if it was nicely painted,
you may be able to regain the original retail.  The quality of sculpting has
gotten so good over the last decade that earlier miniatures are so inferior
that only a real fine paint job would recoup the original investment.  In
any case, a collectable should be purchased because the buyer likes it 
and has to have it for some particular reason.

I don't want to discourage you but very few of these figures made it into
the market and even fewer still made it into someone's hands after the recall.

Good luck in your endeavor if you choose to find one.  I really can't be
of any help with the search.  Sorry!!!   You are the first to try to find

Jack Hesselbrock


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