The Three Stooges - Figures

From statues to dolls, and Christmas tree ornaments to finger puppets - the images of the Stooges have been immortalized in various collectible form.

These fluffy, squishy material dolls were produced by the Collins company in 1982. The likeness is supposed to be of Moe, Larry, and Curly (go figure!). They are machine washable and dryable making them the perfect toy for children. For today's collector, a set of these dolls would fetch $130.00.

RAFM Co., a Cambridge Ontario Canada company has long been producing lead-based historical and fantasy miniatures. Their RAL PARTHA series is just one of the many they produce. One in this series in particular, number 01-105, is a "Three Headed Troll" - with the heads of none other than the Three Stooges. This piece was made in 1979, and has been out of production from the manufacturer for several years, and is believed to be fairly rare (see related note from Ral Partha ). It was acquired at the Three Stooges Convention several years ago for $15.00.

In 1980, Esco products produced statues of Moe, Larry, and Curly. They are very well detailed. They stand about 18 inches tall, and weigh about five pounds each. They originally sold for $33.00.

The 1990's saw these two sets of small action figures appear in local video and collectible stores. They are each about 4 inches tall and are still available for about $4.00 each.

In 1988, the Presents company, a division of Hamilton Gifts, produced a set of three Stooge dolls. These soft bodies dolls stand about 14 inches tall and come complete with a stand to keep them up. New, they ran approximately $35.00 each.

Later, in 1990, Presents produced a set of Christmas Tree ornaments (left). The following year, finger puppets of the boys (right) were produced. Both are still generally available.

In 1992, Stand-ups Centric Corp out of Hollywood, CA created cardboard standups of the Stooges. All dressed in fireman's clothes, they stand 17 inches tall. About $15.00 will get you a set.

What Stooge figures collection would be complete without Moe, Curly, and Larry pencil heads. These blue pencils with head figure toppers were produced in 1991. They have the words "Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk" down the side. About $2.00 each at your favorite collectibles store.


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