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Well, it was bound to happen. What turned out to be a simple, spare time project, turned into an obsession. The success of the Three Stooges Collectors Showcase far exceeded my wildest expectations. With all the other zillion Web sites out there to visit, many people actually stopped here! I've received lots of e-mail notes on all sorts of subjects - ranging from kudo's on the Showcase, to in-depth Stooges history questions. It appeared I had created something of REAL value here.

So, about 2 months ago, I began investigating what it would take to ensure the Stooges Collectors Showcase continued to grow and prosper. Most importantly, I wanted to ensure it's longevity. Too often I find many WWW sites coming and going - dead end links, and the like. I realized with the relative success of the Showcase, I too would be faced with the inevitable link change sometime in the future. So, I committed to myself that I would make the change now while it was still relatively early, but to also make it the LAST change that will ever occur. So, I registered my own domain with the Internic. That way, this site has a "True" identity, and is one that can go with this Web regardless of where it is hosted. Thus was born WWW.3-STOOGES.COM. I'll spend the next many days, weeks, and months cleaning up all the old links with several personal pages, and not to mention the search engines. But, the good news is that it will only have to be done once.

The second objective I had in mind was to make navigating the Web easier. The hierarchical structure is fine for the first or infrequent visitor, to sort of guide them through the many facets of the Showcase. However, for you power users and regular guests, I wanted a simple means to quickly get to anywhere on the Showcase web, from anywhere. So, I put on my CGI hat, and off I went searching and learning that whole process, and created the "Quick Launch" form on the bottom of every page. From a drop-down option box, you can select anywhere within the Showcase to go. Then, with the simply click of the "Soitenly" key, be Quick Launched directly there. So, no more navigating through several levels of pages to get to one of the many "Ography" pages. A simple select and click is all that is required.

As a side note, I've converted the entire authorship and management of this web over to the very capable hands of Microsoft Front Page. This is a "Great" tool for any of you weekend webmasters. I highly recommend it.

Well, that's the scoop from here. I apologize in advance to all of you that must update your links. I can promise, however, that this will be the first and last time that I ask you to do so. Thanks in advance. I hope you enjoy the new look, feel, and navigation aids.

Drop me a note webmaster@3-stooges.com if you nave any comments.


Bruce Laliberte - Your Faithful Webmaster


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