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Perhaps the must enjoyable and time honored of all Three Stooges collectibles are comics. They had a vast distribution, and many continue to be fairly available to collectors. There have been seven distinct series produced over th course of the past four decades.

See the Comic-Ography for a comprehensive list of collectible comics.

Pictured here is the premier Three Stooges comic ... Number 1, 1949. This comic (and number 2) were published by Jubilee, and feature the artwork of Norman Maurer (husband of Moe's daughter Joan). Interestingly enough, these issues feature Curly as the third stooge, even though he had left the team some 3 years prior. Both issues are rated "SCARCE" by the Overstreet Price Guide, indicating only 20 to 100 copies of each are estimated to exist.

Jubilee became the St. John publishing company, and four years later produced the second series of Stooge comics. A total of seven issues were run during the years 1952 thru 1953. These issues featured Shemp as the third stooge. Issues number two and three were printed using the "3-D" affect, and sported a hefty 32 pages each. This series featured the artwork of Norman Maurer and Joe Kubert - a Maurer long time friend. Featured here are issue numbers 1 and 2.

It was five years later when the Three Stooges would again be seen in comics. Their rise in popularity through television prompted the Dell publishing company to put these beloved characters back in the funnies, with Curly Joe as the third stooge. They ran nine issues between 1959 and 1962, the first five of which were part of their "Four Color" series. Also, all DELL comics featured photo covers as seen with issues number 2 and 9 featured here.

Between the years 1958 and 1962, Dell publishing had another series known as the "Comic Album". They produced 18 issues in that run, the last of which, number 18, featured the Stooges.

In 1962, at the end of the Dell era and with the beginning of the Gold Key series, two movie comics were produced. The Dell issue was part of their "Movie Classics" series, and featured the film "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules". Gold Key, as part of their "Movie Comics" series, produced the comic featuring the movie "The Three Stooges In Orbit".

In 1962, Dell formed a separate publishing company, Gold Key, and the longest run of Three Stooges comics would begin. Over the course of the next 10 years, a series of 46 comics were produced bearing "The Three Stooges" title. Most had photo covers, though a few reflected comic art. Issue numbers 18 and 50 sported the same cover, while issue number 53 was produced under the "Whitman" label. Shown here are issues 11 and 25.

During that ten year Gold Key run, two special feature issues were produced, again employing one of the Stooges feature films. Gold Key issue number 15 featured "The Three Stooges Go Around The World in A Daze", while issue number 22 told the story of "The Outlaws Is Coming".

K.K. publications joined forces with Western and Gold Key and produced a total of 488 comics under their "March of Comics" series. Nine of these comics featured the Three Stooges. These were half-sized issues, with 16 pages each. They were not sold, but rather distributed to retailers as a form of advertisement. Shown here are issue numbers 292 and 304.

K.K Publications and Gold Key had another series known as "Top Comics". In 1967, two issues were produced featuring the Stooges. They were basically re-bound runs of the Gold Key number 35 and 36 issues, with different covers. None the less, still a valued collectible to a Stooge fan! Featured here is issue number 2.

Following the successful 46 issue run of the Three Stooges, Gold Key ventured into a new series called "The Little Stooges". The story line was to be "The Wild, Wacky Sons of the Three Stooges". These issues also marked the return or artist Norman Maurer. Well, this series met with moderate success, and was killed after only two short years and seven issues.

It was to be a long and lonely dry spell without the boys in comic print. Following the "Little Stooges", it would take twelve years before another Stooge comic was to be produced. This time, Eclipse comics brought back the spirit of the St. Johns comics by delivering once again a 3-D series. Though it was a short run of only three issues over the next two years, they met with moderate success. Featured here are issues 1 and 3.

The most recent comic to become available is from "Fox Comics", an Australian publishing company. Their 1992 issue, "The Six 3-Stooges" is a comic biographical rendition of their lives. It tells the story of the early years with Ted Healy, on through their full length feature film career. It finishes with short bio's of all six of the boys. A pretty interesting comic.


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