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The biography of Curly Howard The Super Stooge is a very well written book on the life and career of the third Stooge. What I found interesting about the book was the fact that his niece captured Curly not only as a great comic genius, but as a person who despite his personal problems loved to make the world laugh. His child like actions on the screen will never be duplicated. This is a book that I would recommend to any one that is interested in learning more about Curly. I especially enjoyed the pictures & illustrations in the book, as well. The interview type writing of the book made it even more special.

I hope that whoever reads this book will get As much joy out of reading it as I did. I don't mind telling you there were a few moments when reading the book that I actually had tears in my eyes. Especially the part where curly had had his last stroke, and Moe was not going to put him in an institution. He absolutely refused! Now that's what I call brotherly love.

Please get this book and read it. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Submitted by:
Richard Etnier

One of the best things about 'Moe Howard and the Three Stooges' is it is the first time we were able to learn about the 'boys actualy from their point of view. This alone is enough reason for it to be manditory reading for stooge-fans. In this book you learn about the love and compasion Moe had for his brother Jerome, and the pain and suffering Moe went through at the time of Curly and Shemps death. Also the anger and resent felt between Moe and Ted Healy due to Healy's drinking. You also learn how wonderful of a dad Moe was to his beloved daughter Joan, and son Paul.

Aside from his personal life, this book offers (in my oppinion) the best description of the boys early years. This book cronicals the wonderful, tradgic, compasionate life of the greatest entertainer of all time.

Submited by: MovieMan

Jeffrey Forrester has captured the Three Stooges both on the screen & off. Not only did de capture there comic genius, but he took us in to there personal lives fff camera as well. I learned things about them that I never knew. For example, the fact that Larry Fine really was not that interested in the act. He was more interested in baseball or betting on horses. Also the fact that Moe really was a nice guy off screen - nothing like his character on screen.

I also enjoyed the little tidbits about how some of the films were made. I reccomend this book to any Stooge fan that is interested not only in the Stooges performing lives & how they made the films, but there off camera lives as well. The pictures throughout the book were great too. t is really a must read for any Stooge fan.

Submitted by: Richard Etnier


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